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MANABS was originally founded in 27th. February 2014 by a team of professionals from facilities & engineering industries in Delhi & NCR. From the very beginning the company made a head start in the provision of well trained & well equipped personnel to its customers. The company has broadened its scope of services and commenced providing state of the art machines & equipments with bio friendly consumables & tools to a growing list of corporate clients.

With its base of operations also in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Uttarakhand, Manabs is well spread geographically to provide better level of service and support.

MANABS Integrated Technologies is developing the first comprehensive, single point facilities solutions and advisory firm. MANABS offers its valued clients a broad range of specific products and services including design and implementation of systems, advice and counsel on facility related issues and a competitive pricing structure complete with convenient financing options.

For the past twenty years when concept of Outsourcing & facilities did not exist in Indian Corporate Industry, Our founders were pioneers in the above service Industry. ‘MANABS’ over a period of time have added value services i.e. Manager Level Staff, also providing highly skilled Services for back Offices.
At MANABS we are constantly evaluating the needs and requirement of Corporate Indian Industry and accordingly we are updating our services to the requirement of our Corporate Clients. We take pride in providing the highest level of services to our clients and attending to their individual requirements.
We are a part of a global company with a local flavour and our network throughout India allows us to extend that personal touch. Customer satisfaction and concern for our employees are the two values we hold highest, supported by our deep sense of integrity.

  • Statutory Compliances & HR.

HR success in our company has been the result of a judicious balance between the right kind of empowerment and work discipline. The company’s core values are: respect for individuals, integrity and achievement through teamwork, communication, soft skills and stability. "Our aim is to go beyond the satisfactory levels of compensation and provide a challenging and rewarding work environment through goal-setting, scientific performance measurement and good productivity management”.
Following the dictum of ‘Recruit Quality Resources, Nurture and Retain’, the company has dedicated an in-house national ‘Resource Cell’, which takes care of our recruitment requirements through a stringent selection process. Once the recruitment process is over, an individual is put on rigorous training of 2 weeks, of which the induction training is for 6 - 8 days.
As an organization, we always ensure that all statutory compliances are adhered to, in a timely manner

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MANABS provides strategic Facilities Management services based on expertise, best practices, operating procedures and technical knowhow. Our capabilities include building management, maintenance and consulting services. 
Outsourcing facility management and maintenance services is a smart business decision for companies looking to increase efficiency, maintain flexible resources and decrease operating costs. Finding a service provider who understands this strategy is key to overall success.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's how most companies need smooth operating facilities. And that's what Fireball delivers. Led by a team of facility management experts, we can manage day-to-day facilities around the clock.

Quality Assurance

Achieved through implementation of Quality Management Systems

• Inspection and Audit • Maintaining checklists for specific work and locations
• Surprise Visits • Maintaining Quality Standards as per ISO and EMS
• Suggestion Registers for feedback and corrective action
• No time lag in services
• JIT Management System

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Electrical & Electromechanical Services
Pantry & Office Support Services
Solid Waste Management
Pest Control Services
Staffing & Pay Roll Management Services
Industrial Labour / Work Force Supply

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